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Moving to Chicago? Here are a few tips!
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Moving to Chicago? Here are a few tips!

What To Do First When Moving to Chicago


Moving to a new city can be hard, especially moving to the third largest city in the U.S. You’re unfamiliar with the surroundings and may not know many people. If you’re overwhelmed, don’t worry! The windy city is ideal for people who want the convenience of city life mixed with midwestern charm. 


Moving to Chicago allows you to share in the culture, incredible restaurants, business districts, and characteristic neighborhoods. Every aspect of the city has something for everyone to enjoy so what you should do when you first move? There are many things you need to check out to familiarize yourself with the big city, and here is our list of recommendations to get you adjusted to life as a Chicagoan. 


Decorate Your Home – While getting out and exploring is near the top of the list, creating a place you feel at home should be your first priority. Explore the city’s business districts for small businesses and build up some décor from local artists and business owners to add to your collection. Pick up new furniture locally at Comfy Living Chicago to really bring the decorating home and give yourself a place to relax after a long day of work.  


Check Out a Cubs Game – The incredible Wrigley Field is one of the most popular bucket list historic baseball fields. Going to a Cubs game is the quintessential Chicago experience and should be one of the first things you do when you get to the city. Explore the stadium, grab a hot dog, and enjoy the game. 


Get Involved in City Traditions – Chicago has a lot of fun traditions that engage the entire city. Check out the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, where they dye the Chicago River green through the parades and performances. Or enjoy the Chicago Blues Festival in June, where people can enjoy three days of performances throughout the city. 


Explore the Neighborhoods – Chicago has unique neighborhoods throughout the city, each rich with its own culture and history. Explore the North Shore, which features boutique shopping, jazz in Uptown, street fests, and more. The West Side has more of an eclectic vibe and is the city’s ultimate culinary destination. Downtown features the River North and The Loop Neighborhoods that features some of the top tourist destinations, including the district theater and the infamous “Bean” at Millenium Park. South Side features an eclectic mix of arts and social offerings. 


Enjoy Nature Walks – As you get to know your new city, talk a walk on one of the many trails and walking systems located throughout the city. The Riverwalk offers a scenic 1.25-mile walk through four districts: The Arcade, The Civic, The Confluence, and The Esplanade. Or enjoy sweeping city skyline views from Palmisano Park.


People in Chicago are known as some of the kindest people around, so don’t be afraid if you want to learn more about Chicago and its recommendations. This list is just a small taste of all the fantastic sights, events, and things you can get out and see when familiarizing yourself with your new home. 



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