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Sell Your Gently Used Furniture

Selling your furniture to Comfy Living Chicago is the right choice.  We can help you avoid lowball prices, flaky buyers & tricky logistics on how to remove the items from your living space.

Snap a few pictures, fill out the sellers’ form, and we will reply promptly.  You will have a choice of taking our cash offer or selling for a revenue share.

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Buy Furniture

Save time and money, and contribute significantly to the environment by choosing gently-used furniture for your home. All our living room furniture and gently-used sectional couches are cleaned thoroughly and mended, if needed, by expert hands.

You’ll also be contributing greatly to the environment by giving new homes to manufactured pieces instead of ending up in landfills and conserving manufacturing energy and materials.

We want your furniture purchase to be a great experience.  Comfy Living Chicago provides sustainable, gently-used furniture at affordable prices.  We take pride in our expert cleaning and refurbishing process to prepare each item for your home.

Delivery & Installation

We offer free curbside delivery within 5 miles of Lakeview & installation at affordable rates.  Please get in touch for a quote.


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